Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spreading the love of vegan baking!

Kaylee and Nicole show off their creation.

Frosting belongs on the cake, but it also belongs on your face!

Baking Valentine's Day cupcakes with cousin Sam!

A little frosting with your sprinkles, anyone?

I thought I'd share some photos with you of some recent baking events that my kids and I have shared with two of my awesome cousins. I remember that when we first went vegan over six years ago, our extended families didn't know what to make of it. Vegan desserts? Say what? It has taken a while for some of my family members to admit to enjoying our food, or even try it without a grimace of slight repulsion on their faces. (And I have unfortunately overheard snide comments about our food when no one thought I was paying attention. Sad!)

But two of my cousins rock in the vegan-friendliness department. Over the years, they have either asked me to make their birthday cakes for them, or have come over to make them with me. I think they are motivated in part by the deliciousness of my cakes, but I know that they also want to include my kids in the birthday cake celebration. So sweet!

It seems to me that younger people, like my teenage cousins, are often more receptive to veganism (though I do have some young family members who definitely are not). I think that young people are more likely to want to try new things, to be more open to go against the norm. In the case of my two cousins, they are very open-minded in general, and also have big hearts. I like opening their minds to the possibility of veganism, to think differently about animals and the way most people feed themselves. Even when members of your family are not vegan, it really helps to have people who support what you do and are happy to compliment and enjoy your food. Thanks to my awesome cousins who make my kids feel "normal" and show my other relatives that people can actually make the choice eat vegan when that's not the only choice available!

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