Friday, March 5, 2010

Growing Vegans

Growing vegans. What??? Yep, we're growing vegans. Water, sun, a little bit of soy, some animal rights activism, and poof! A vegan is born.

My vegans (or veg-ins, if you're my Opa) are 7 and 10 years old. We became vegan in 2007 after I realized that eating meat and animal products was wrong. I could give you the myriad of reasons that support my decision; I could recite politically correct, well thought out, calm and rational arguments. But, I've found the answer that best suits me (especially because people rarely are genuinely interested in the answer) is that it's gross. I believe that most people, should they stop and think about it, will come to the logical conclusion that eating an animal or their by-products is the most disgusting, vile, WEIRD thing one can do. No? When was the last time you ran after a dog and took a big ol' bite out of it's butt?? 'Cause that's something a REAL omnivore would do.

But I digress (yes, already - get used to it). The purpose of this blog is to document trials, tribulations, successes, and accomplishments of our vegan kids with you. There is a super crazy small percentage of vegans in this world, and I can not tell you how lucky I am to have found two of the most amazing, compassionate, supportive and phenomenal vegan families to share our lives with. I would actually consider polygamy with them, I love them that much (and not just because they can cook better than ANYONE I know....or that their husbands can build really cool things (like computers, bookshelves, headboards, and garden beds).... or that their kids are truly some of the coolest I have ever met). No, not for these reasons (okay, not ONLY for these reasons!) but because they complete my family. Most vegans are not lucky enough to have what we do, and so my goal in this blog is to share some of the awesomeness that is us with you.


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  1. You rock, Sarah, and are totally funny! You're a great writer and express your feelings in such an entertaining way, that I can't wait to read more! Very cool, Super Vegan Mama!