Saturday, March 13, 2010

POLL: What's a Vegan do?

In thinking about my last post, I am wondering if I'm a hyper-active crazy vegan. If your household is vegan, do you allow others to consume meat and dairy in your home? If someone brought non-vegan food to your house, would you serve / cook it?

I could see both sides to this. My personal reaction is YUCK! My other reaction is, "so what? I'm not eating it".



  1. No way. They should know you run a vegan household and respect that.

    I do, however, live with meat-eaters and I tolerate their consumption. I also joke on them constantly.

  2. I do not allow non-vegan products to be brought into my home. If someone brought it I would not serve or cook it, however I've never been faced with this as when we have people bringing food to our home I always ask that it be vegan.

    My experience is that all of my friends/family are happy to accommodate my requests if it's for a function to e held at my home.

  3. friends and family know we're a vegan family, but it's been a mixed reaction (particulary from extended family who feel our children are missing out by not eating cheese...)

    i wouldn't serve meat, cook it or reheat it; friends wouldn't expect that, though the extended family have had great issues surrounding that, particularly in relation to christmas and pretty much any celebratory event.

    it's a no-brainer for me: how can i teach my children that vegan life is normal and wonderful and then say it's okay to have dead animals fed to other people in our home? my daughter would be ashamed of me and let me know it!