Saturday, March 20, 2010

birthday party perspective from vegan boy

My perspective is that going to birthday parties isn't so bad. If your child goes to a party always tell their parents about what they cant have. Ask if you can bring your child a snack for cake, milk etc... now if its at school make sure the teacher knows that you can't have it and if you want ask to bring something (once again). Also come to some parties with them if they are young (mom used to do that for me and vegan girl) for them to get used to it. If they don't want you to come its ok just leave i am happy when mom leaves. Now i know what your thinking, what if people ask your kid or makes fun of him/her, mom always worries but know one ever does. but if they do well i don't know it has never happened to me.

Written by Vegan Boy, age 10

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