About Sarah

Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a semi-crazy vegan liberal recycling composting mom who truly believes that humanity and compassion can save the world!

I'm a 29 year old single mom of two vegan kids, Dylan (age 11) and Kayla (age 8). We've been veg for almost 6 years, and are dang proud of it! I'm a native Californian, born and raised in the Bay Area, and know I am crazy lucky to live in such a diverse and veg friendly place. I work in an medical office, have a degree in counseling, and have always wanted to be a writer. That's the coolest thing about blogging; anyone gets to be a writer! This is my first blog, and I am super excited to share it with you!

My co-writer, Tami, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have the support of each other in our adventure of growing vegan kids. We were inspired to write about our tips, tricks and ideas to support and encourage other parents growing (or thinking about growing, or curious about growing) vegans!

I really do hope that the ideas and stories in this blog make you smile, give you ideas, and above all, let you know that you are not alone! Please comment on our posts, or email us with any ideas, advice, questions or comments at growingvegans@gmail.com!