Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines is Coming!

Valentines Day is Monday! I am not big on celebrating this holiday, and one year tried to convince my kids that it was an unimportant holiday. We had recently become vegan, I didn't really think about getting vegan chocolates, and I was in a very idealistic place, not wanting to contribute to a "Hallmark holiday", encourage the kids to consume junk, etc. BIG FREAKING MISTAKE. Though we had talked about it, my kids were devastated when they woke up that morning and there was no candy and trinkets - I am a bad mom, so I didn't even make a card. It was tears and "don't you love us?" all morning! Talk about feeling like crap.

Lesson learned. Here is their gift this year:

Above: Go Max Go Jokerz Bar 
Sjaaks Chocolate Heart of Cherry, Peanut Butter Bites, and solid Dark Chocolate Heart 

All Go Max Go candy bars are covered in our signature-recipe rice-milk chocolatey coating. Light and lovely, it makes dairy-milk chocolate positively passé.

When your idea of the perfect candy bar is all about peanutty goodness, then we've got you covered. If layers of dry roasted peanuts, buttery-tasting caramel, and rich peanut nougat, sweetly wrapped in a delicious chocolatey coating sounds like a little slice of heaven, then smile, the Jokerz bar is for you!

How does a rich, fluffy, chocolatey nougat covered in a creamy chocolatey coating sound right about now? If you can't answer because desire is consuming you… aye matey, 'tis aBuccaneer bar for you!
Now imagine that rich, fluffy, chocolatey nougat topped with a layer of thick, buttery-tasting caramel all wrapped up in our very own creamy, rice-milk chocolatey coating. If this gives you sweet dreams of good taste, then the Twilight bar is for you!

If you crave a gently sweetened coconut candy bar topped with three whole dry roasted almonds and covered in a luscious chocolatey coating… hang loose, the Mahalo bar is for you!

Yeah.... YUM!! 

They are carried at most Whole Foods stores, and here is a list of other locations: 


Sajjaks makes various vegan chocolates, and they are DE-LISH! Chocolate and PB? Yes, please! They have seasonal treats, and a bunch of vegan options. Watch out though, because not all their products are vegan (I thought they were, and ended up buying treats for my office).

They can be purchased at some Whole Foods, and many natural foods stores and Co-ops. If your local stores don't carry them, they have a request form available. Of course, they can also be purchased online! 

xo's and chocolate,


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  1. The "Go max Go" candy bars recently made their debut on our market shelf much to the delight of my husband and his dairy allergy! I don't typically go for sweets and find these very sweet... but if I need a chocolate fix it's nice to knock off a knob and enjoy it! The Jokerz one is my fav. Definitely NOT chalky and gross like early vegan chocolates! Makes me wonder why more manufacturers don't use non-dairy chocolate!
    Thanks for your post!