Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meet Draculara, the Vegan Vamp

"Mom!! MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM! Come quick, look!"

My 8 year old daughter was watching T.V, and excitedly informed me "Look, she's a vegan, too!" pointing to the trendily dressed vampire on her morning cartoon, Monster High. 

HOW COOL. I love watching veganism going mainstream! I LOVE Draculaura. And I want a doll. 

Here's Draculaura's bio: 

Draculaura — daughter of Dracula. She is a vegan vampire, abstaining from any blood. She is hemophobic, being unable to even say the word "blood" without feeling faint. According to her biography, she is 1,599 years old. She has a pet male bat named Count Fabulous that Draculaura dresses up in pink clothing. In the books, she goes by a more normal name, Lala. 

Name: Draculaura (Daughter of Dracula)
Favorite Food: I'm a vegan, no icky blood for me, so it's fruits, vegetables, and a lot of iron supplements.
Pet Peeve: The lack of vegan selection in the Creepoteria is so sad.

Draculaura is the brainchild of Mattel, and now has her own line of EVERYTHING - dolls, stationary, cartoons, music, clothes, costumes, games, etc. 

The whole series is super veg friendly. Here is an example: DIS the DISSECTION! 


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