Monday, July 12, 2010

My Experience at Sleep Away Camp

So, when I was at camp, I had many odd experiences with the food problem! Mom decided to give me a bag that we gave to the head of the kitchen, who gave it to the head chef who helped put my bag into a freezer that was very cold. Just in case you're wondering, my bag had extra food in it in case there was stuff that I couldn't have such as an English muffin (they had the sauce) and soy cheese. But I didn't use it because they had their own vegetarian options that they give you. It's usually vegan but sometimes there was dairy in it. When that happened, I got some stuff out of my bag.

The chef (who was nice) didn't know that eggs weren't vegan. I didn't realize that eggs didn't have milk in them, so I told him that eggs aren't vegan because they have dairy in them. The only milk the whole camp had for cereal was soy milk! Not sure why they did that. There was always vegan cereal and oatmeal with brownsugar for breakfast.

Dinner was always fun. Mom is asking if I ever got served anything that wasn't vegan, but it didn't happen. Oooh they had vegan sausages (I liked to dip in into syrup). Hmmm..... what else?

Mom: "Did anyone notice or comment that you were eating differently?"
Dylan: "Only the first day, they asked me why I had an extra bag of food".
Mom: "What did you tell them?"
Dylan: " I told them that I was vegetarian and lactose intolerant because that is an easier way of telling people so they don't think you're crazy  because they don't know what it is".
Mom: "After the first day, did anyone make a big deal out of it?"
Dylan:" Nope. And most of the kids wanted to eat the vegetarian food anyways, and they didn't like the eggs.
 One of the kids in my cabin was vegetarian".

(Mom is noting that the whole $100 bag of specialty groceries was left at camp, and they were so accommodating almost nothing was used! Maybe I went a little overboard??)

Something that just camp to my mind that has nothing to do with the food problem is that this one kid in my cabin sleep talks. One night he yelled "GAGA BALL!!" (gaga ball is a game - you can look it up online). Then he fell out of his bed. He had the top bunk.

So that concludes my blog.


(Mom typed this, but I said every word and most of the punctuation).

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