Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

The holiday hiatus is officially over, and both my butt and my liver are thankful for it :-) Yes, even vegans overindulge in the good stuff! Hope you and yours had a fabulous holiday!

I want to mention that my son, Dylan, has started his own blog! You can find him and his thoughts at:

Dylan is 11, and super-duper awesome. He recently played the lead role in the school play, as hero Chuck Wagon - Wagon Master. it was a western, with corresponding costumes.

One day I'm at the school during rehearsals, and I overhear the costume designing team talking about Chuck's costume. Basically was, "nope, can't use this. Nope, can't use that". I peeked my head in, and saw all kinds of cool costumes hanging around. "How about this one?" I butted my way in, grabbing the most traditional looking one.

Some of the mom's started laughing, and said "okay Sarah, YOU try to get you son in that!" Apparently, my amazing, compassionate, awesomely-cool kid had vetoed anything that used to be someone else's skin. He may have been more politically correct than me, saying NO to leather. How awesome is that?! I checked in to make sure he had been polite about it, which he had. Our awesome costume team then made him one out of synthetic materials! Cool, right??


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  1. What a great story about your son! I saw that he started a blog and can't wait to hear about his perspective on veganism. My kids are 4 and 2, so they are still learning about what it means and why.