Monday, June 28, 2010

Colonel Sanders Killed Me!

"Colonel Sanders killed me!!" This outburst in my quiet office caused my co-workers to come running, to laugh hysterically and say "what the hell are you doing?!?"

We have a rule in our house that my kids are not allowed to visit any websites or play and computer games that I haven't approved. We got some PETA kids propaganda  in the mail last week (click here for FREE PETA KIDS STICKERS!) and he saw this game advertised. So, I thought I'd check it out.

It's actually pretty cute :-) It's based on the Super Mario Brothers video games, and the characters include the Nugget, Chickette, and.... Pamela Anderson, haha! The beginning story line is that Pam Anderson is going on the news to expose the horrors of KFCs chicken cruelty, but she's kidnapped by a giant spider... with a   Colonel Sanders head.

Throughout the game, while trying to get to KFC headquarters and dodging C.S spider heads, you run across kids holding anti-KFC signs - when you approach them, text boxes come up giving facts about the lives of factory farmed chickens. The first one reads "Hi Chickette! Did you know that KFC chickens have their sensitive beaks cut off? How painful! Many birds are so stressed from being "debeaked" that they can not eat! Please hurry!"

There are also facts that pop up about scalding tanks, broken wings and legs, the term "bloody buckets", and about drugs given to the chicks to make them grow larger. It made me sad!! :-(

The outside of KFC headquarters. you'll find a KFC bucket dripping blood (ewww for me, cool for older kids). Inside, the walls are splattered with it. The subsequent levels are a little tamer.....actually, I couldn't get past the 4th level! I'm not a very good video gamer, ha!

Overall, I think it's a cute idea, but not for young kids. I've approved it for my 10 year old - just a little gore, and a lot of info (he really likes the game!) - but definitely not for my more sensitive 8 year old. I guess, just like anything else, it's important to know your child and make your decisions based on their personalities.


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