Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mom Finds Out That Healthy Vegan School Lunches Have Added Benefits

A third-grader at a local elementary school recently reported to her mom that there has been a rash of lunchbox break-ins. When questioned if her lunchbox has ever fallen victim to the petty crime, the daughter responded that it hadn't. It seems that the thieves had been looking for such items and bagged cookies and chips, which are evidently not a part of the girl's daily meal.

When the mother was questioned as to what she usually puts in her daughter's lunchbox, the mother replied, "A lot of times I make the kids a very simple lunch, like a sprouted wheat bagel smeared with avocado and sprinkled with nutritional yeast and a little salt. Sometimes they'll get some homemade hummus and some whole wheat pitas or crackers, and maybe some carrots. They always have some sliced fruit in their lunch, as well."

The evidence seems to point to the fact that the lunchbox bullies prefer to stay away from these healthier items, leaving the vegan kids to enjoy their lunch, undisturbed. The reporter notes that the mom was pleasantly surprised that her daughter's lunch has been untouched, yet that her daughter seems perfectly happy with the lunchtime offerings. Looks like another happy ending for the vegans...